Holemasters makes its mark on award winning Manchester Metrolink project

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The award winning Manchester Metrolink has recently completed a £1.5bn expansion – but the UK’s largest light rail network has [...]

Meet our new Yorkshire Region Contracts Manager

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John Booth is 34 years old and has worked in the construction and demolition industry for 16 years. He began [...]

Holemasters Helps to Bring Life back to Mount Coffee

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The Mount Coffee Hydropower Plant is a hydroelectric facility built in the 1960s in Liberia which was made dysfunctional during [...]

Staffordshire Alliance Project

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Working with the contractors who formed the Staffordshire Alliance, Holemasters provided concrete deconstruction engineering work for the eventual improvement in [...]

Diamond Drilling Concrete Sawing Demolition Experts

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Diamond Drilling Concrete Sawing demolition contractors Holemasters has been contracted by H Smith (Engineers) to aid the demolition of the Natwest [...]