Wire Sawing

Diamond Wire Sawing: cutting through rail arches using Holemasters High Output WS30 Diamond Wire Saw


Holemasters is a nationwide UK expert in Wire Sawing which is perhaps the most versatile cutting service available. It is capable of cutting reinforced concrete of almost any size, using either water cooled or dry cutting methods.

In addition to cutting concrete, steel structures and components such as turbine shafts and engine blocks can also be cut either by water cooled or dry cutting methods.

Although any subsequent slurry can be controlled, collected and treated, dry cutting can be preferable as no secondary waste is generated.

The equipment is generally electrically powered, and is much quieter in operation than most diamond cutting techniques.

In some situations, wire sawing can be used to form circular holes from 1800 mm up to 3000 mm diameter. This technique is also ideal where access is an issue or where the depth of cut exceeds the maximum cut depth of a track saw (this being 720mm).

Where access is only available from one side the technique of plunge sawing is implemented.


  • Concrete or steel pipes
  • Openings in re-enforced concrete
  • Bridge column removal
  • Concrete beam removal
  • Isolation cuts between concrete buildings
  • Steel Structures
  • Steel Beams