Holemasters has long been involved with a number of Nuclear projects across England, Scotland and Wales. The company has the capabilities to offer technical solutions as well as drilling, cutting and decommissioning operations on both active and non active power stations.

Our expertise has proven invaluable in providing cost effective solutions for the nuclear industry using a range of remote operations. Our work scope has increased dramatically with the introduction of decommissioning projects.

The company is a sub contractor to Sir R Mcalpine, Amec, BAM Nuttal, Nexia Solutions, Cavendish Nuclear, Shepley Engineering, Stobbarts, Hold Engineering and Jordans, to name but a few.

In addition, Holemasters has operatives cleared and inducted on a number of UK nuclear power stations/facilities.

Notably Demtech Nuclear Services completed its largest contract to date at Sellafield, which involved the partial demolition of the B6 chimney at Sellafield for Dooson Power Systems.