Diamond Drilling


Experts in Diamond Drilling

Holemasters is a UK expert in Diamond Drilling with the capability to diamond core drill holes from 7 mm diameter up to 1000 mm. Larger diameter holes are achieved through stitch drilling or circular wire sawing techniques.

Diamond core drilling is used for straight forward work such as forming holes in solid materials for the purpose of carrying mechanical and electrical services across both new build and refurbishment projects.

Extension equipment is used to produce holes of up to 21m deep or for widths of up to 15m wide, such as through railway bridges.

For the protection of workers and the surrounding environment most diamond drilling is water cooled which effectively reduces airborne dust. Where necessary, the slurry can be controlled and in some circumstances recirculated. Where the use of water has to be avoided, such as drilling holes in block work, dry drilling is used. PCC diamond drilling can be used to dry drill reinforced concrete.


  • Single Holes
  • Stitch Drilled Openings
  • Runway Lights
  • Pile Holes
  • Anchor holes
  • Through penetrations
  • Re bar dowel connections
  • Material sampling