Track Sawing


Track sawing is a method of forming cut lines or openings in walls or soffits. A track is fixed to the wall with Hilti anchors, and a cutting head fitted to the track which carries a circular diamond blade. Cuts can be formed up to 720 mm thick through reinforced concrete.

The equipment is powered by three phase electricity and can therefore be used inside without creating fumes.

As this equipment is easily transportable it is also used to cut floors in multi storey buildings where it is not practical to get access for heavier floor saws. The process is water cooled, and the slurry can be collected and treated prior to disposal.


  • Openings in Floor & Walls
  • Door Openings
  • Escalator Openings
  • Staircases
  • Utilities
  • Utilities
  • Rail
  • Factories
  • Structural Alteration