Robotic Demolition

Brokk Machine Walking UpstairsInternal demolition in tight spacesBreaking down unstable columns


Holemasters operates a range of robotic demolition machines. These are all electric powered and can therefore be used inside buildings without creating fumes. Other than noise caused by the actual breaking or crunching process, in the main noise is considerably less than that made by conventional machines. Being remotely operated, the operator can stand in a position of safety and have a clearer view of the work in progress.

These robotic machines can be fitted with hydraulic breakers, cruncher jaws and other attachments. Within structural limitations, they can be tracked up and down staircases to allow access throughout buildings, and for their weight are far more productive than conventional diesel powered excavators.


  • Staircase Demolition
  • Removal of Sections following Diamond Cutting
  • Ceilings / Walls / Floor Slabs
  • Bank Vaults / Strong Rooms