John Booth is 34 years old and has worked in the construction and demolition industry for 16 years.

He began his career at the bottom of the ladder working for a diamond drilling company in the Midlands.  Here he started with basic drilling techniques; working his way through the different drills and sawing equipment, including robotic demolition machinery, to gain the experience and qualifications on the use of a diverse range of tools and technical drilling equipment necessary to advance his career.

He was lucky enough to then be given an opportunity to join a much larger construction group at a time when he wanted to progress into supervision and management.

“I began with assisting a supervisor on Birmingham New Street Station, a major demolition and cut and carve project,” said John. “This led me to becoming a full time supervisor looking after a group of 15 operatives.

“I progressed to becoming a project co-ordinator looking after the day to day running of jobs and operatives.  All of this experience made it possible for me to move forward with a new career within Holemasters, one of the market leaders in diamond drilling and other bespoke construction and demotion techniques.”

Holemasters Demtech has been enjoying a steady increase in business over the past few months and has taken on a number of operatives and managers across its 5 depots. John joined the Enfield team first then jumped at the opportunity to become contracts manager, alongside John Giles, for the Yorkshire team.

John continues: “I am now based in the Yorkshire depot managing  11 highly skilled operatives with a skill set to cover the following, but not limited to:

  • Diamond drilling
  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Chasing works
  • Mining barrel drilling
  • Track sawing
    Hand sawing and chain sawing
  • Wire sawing
  • Robotic demolition
  • Bursting
  • Hand crushing
  • PTS works
  • Street works (civils)

“We work with a diverse national client base who have specific projects across the Yorkshire region. With Holemasters being one of the lead suppliers in the industry I am keen and determined to grow the branch from strength to strength.”

John can be contacted on 01709 522 666  Email: