Holemasters has undertaken one of its most ambitious Diamond Wire Sawing projects to date. The company has been contracted to slice up an old German U boat, nemesis of Allied ships during World War Two.

The boat, which sunk in 1945, was recovered from the Kattegat between Denmark and Sweden in 1993. The sub was then brought to Liverpool by Mersey Travel to turn it into a tourist attraction at the Woodside Ferry Terminal.

Holemasters was tasked with cutting the ship into five sections for relocation and display purposes.The initial problem was cutting through the numerous layers of steel work which made up the ballast tanks and pressure vessel. Holemasters proposed a Diamond Wire Sawing scheme to cut the massive cross section accurately and cost effectively.

The conning tower and anti-aircraft gun were removed first via plasma cutting. Once all debris and the submarine’s oil tanks were drained, cutting could commence.

Consultants Brian Hannaby and Associates agreed the cut locations which were marked out by Holemasters engineers.

The bespoke wire sawing equipment was then set up. The diamond impregnated wire was fed around the area to be cut using a series of drive pulleys. These were joined with special crimps. The cutting could now commence with accuracy by Holemasters’ skilled operatives.

Diamond Wire Sawing

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