Diamond drilling, sawing & controlled demolition services for infrastructure, reconstruction & refurbishment projects.


Experts in technical solutions as well as drilling and cutting operations on both active and non-active sites with workers permanently employed at Sellafield.

Health & Safety

Planning, managing, controlling, monitoring and reviewing on-site health & safety to eliminate hazards and control risks.

Case Studies

Read about previous projects which highlight the significant results enjoyed by our clients and immediate surroundings.


Holemasters is a nationwide specialist service to the construction and civil engineering industries.

We are one of the longest established names in the Diamond Drilling, Cutting and Sawing industry. We pride ourselves in the expert application of diamond drilling, robotic demolition,piling and repair technologies and can work with every type of construction material. This expertise has seen the company achieve continuous growth.

We handle projects for some of the biggest multi- national organisations in the UK, working out of five operations located in the South East, Midlands and the North. With our own flexible and bespoke range of equipment we provide exceptional service which is delivered by a team of 14 technical experts and over 50 trained operators. We are also a specialist in the nuclear industry with a dedicated Sellafield workforce. We are also the only approved UK Company supplying and fitting rail track anchors.