Leading UK concrete drilling and sawing engineering company Holemasters has been part of a pioneering project to install one of only 7 revolutionary MR-linac advanced cancer treatment machines into The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester. 

Bunker Roof Removal

In a construction programme lasting three months, the company has successfully carried out a bespoke removal of the existing experimental bunker roof at The Christie where this new machine has being sited.

Specialist Stitch drilling and Remote Brokk Hydraulic Busting and Breaking

Contracted to carry out the work by the main contractor DD Porter Construction, the Holemasters engineers were only able to investigate such a challenging undertaking on the first day of being on site. This was because the existing linac was still operational right up until that time.

Holemasters contract manager Danny Frain explained: “The projects we deal with more often than not don’t have a one-fits-all solution.  In this particular case, the original drawings showed a 2 metre thick slab of concrete with an opening of 3.8 metres square.  The bunker construction was built of several different layers, including some voids. The method and sequence of works were tailored to suit the situation, supported by RAMS to ensure a continuing safe operation.

“Ideally, with this type of project we cut the roof in sections and lift each section out by crane. However, the location of the bunker, being surrounded by other hospital buildings, meant that crane access was not possible.

“Having removed the roof, an opening in the floor of 7 metres x 7 metres x 2 metres thick was formed. This was carried out through a combination of stitch drilling, hydraulic busting and breaking by a Brokk remote controlled vehicle.

“The only access to the construction area was the access road roadway which looped around the building. Therefore removal of the debris for both operations had to be carefully coordinated.

“With all the challenges we had to face the job was completed to everyone’s satisfaction.  DD Porter Construction was then able to move in and make ready for the installation of the new equipment.”